Low Vitamin-D Levels and Breast Cancer risk

Are you getting enough sunshine vitamin? 

There are so many risks you are prone to when not getting enough Vitamin D, one of them is Breast Cancer. 

As per the research at the University of California, higher levels of Vitamin D are directly linked with a low risk of breast cancer. 

Low vitamin D levels have also been linked to an increased risk of various cancers, including breast cancer, according to research. The study found that women with the greatest levels of vitamin D in their blood had a 45 percent lower risk of breast cancer than those with the lowest levels of vitamin D in their blood.

Despite the fact that several researchers have looked into the link between vitamin D and breast cancer risk, there is no consensus on how much of the vitamin you need to lower your risk. Experts, on the other hand, advise maintaining a normal vitamin D level because it has been demonstrated to aid all hosts of different problems. 


People in the United States consume less than the recommended level of Vitamin D, as per the experts. This could be due to the fact that there are few natural sources of vitamin D. 

Vitamin D is only found in a few foods and can also be obtained from sun exposure. Foods which are high in Vitamin D are also recommended by experts include Cod Liver Oil, Trout, Salmon, Mushrooms, Fortified milks and juices and Fortified cereals. Apart from food, you can also consume vitamin D supplements to maintain Vitamin D levels. 

Also according to specialists, Black people require 5 to 10 times the quantity of sun exposure as lighter-skinned people in order to get the same vitamin D levels.

This could be a significant intervention in breast cancer outcomes for all women, but especially for the Black community.

Nearly 4,000 patients were included in the trial, who had their vitamin D levels evaluated and were monitored for nearly ten years on average.

The patients were divided into three levels: vitamin D deficient (less than 20 nanograms per milliliter in blood tests); insufficient (20 to 29 ng/ml); or sufficient (30 or more ng/ml).

However, it was shown that, as compared to women who were vitamin D deficient, those who had adequate levels of the Vitamin D had a 27 percent lower risk of dying from any cause over the 10-year follow-up period, and a 22 percent lower risk of dying from breast cancer specifically.

Vitamin D's benefits are underappreciated all over the world. It is critical that we raise awareness about the importance of Vitamin D in everyone's health and life.

It is very important to keep your vitamin D levels maintained, which will not only keep your immune system strong, but will provide strength to your body to fight viruses and cancer. 

Consult your doctor or a nutritionist about your vitamin D levels if you have a family history of breast cancer or want to keep as healthy as possible.

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