About Us

Healthwithdes is an online store based in Chicago, we are a reputed clothing brand that not just offers the newest styles in the industry but also promotes better health among the world’s population by raising awareness about the benefits of Vitamin D. Healthwithdes is continuously working for Vitamin D and health awareness among society through our brand products 

Healthwithdes was founded by Daniel Orozco with the aim to offer superior-quality and trendy clothing products at the most competitive prices. Our product line includes unisex tees, jackets, sweatshirts, jerseys, hats, tops, kidswear and Vitamin D supplements. When buying any product from Healthwithdes, you can be super sure of extraordinary fabric quality and durability. 

Too often in life, we are so busy that we can sometimes neglect our most important asset- OUR PHYSICAL and MENTAL HEALTH. We are so pleased that we can make a difference and that through our BRAND we can promote Better overall health for the masses.

We are also very pleased to work with the V foundation-instrumental in cancer research and our goal is to support the V foundation and so, after looking at our products, you may also contribute to this worthy cause by clicking on the donate link . Together, let’s fight to eradicate cancer!

Support Healthwithdes for noble cause!